---Mighty Pharaoh Films Inc. has been the vehicle for the award winning creative work of Barry W. Levy. He has had his filmmaking style compared to David Fincher’s, his dialogue to Tarantino’s, and his animation is best described as the love child of Warner Brothers and UPA, with a few bloody drops from Todd McFarlane.

---Mighty Pharaoh’s first feature film production 'Spook' was effectively BANNED in his home country of Canada. It burst onto the independent film scene and brought home 8 Festival Awards in the US and was the first Canadian feature ever accepted into the prestigious Shanghai International Film Festival in 2003. The ‘making of’ documentary for Spook, ‘The 40,000’ features interviews with the cast and crew and the mysterious subject of 'Spook' known only as Kick, who must remain anonymous for his own safety.

---Short films from Barry include the live action ‘Check Brights’ written by Jason Young and featuring music from The Crystal Method which was well received on the festival circuit, winning 2 Festival Awards, plus the animated dark comedy short ‘Division Denim’ that picked up 2 Best Animation Awards. This was quickly followed by a 2 minute animated short for the kids cartoon series, ‘The Hollywood Adventures of Freedom the Polar Bear’, which took 2 Awards for Best Animation as well.

---On the web Mighty Pharaoh claimed some strong high ground with ‘The Ex-Convict’s Guide’ now on Daily Motion and Mi Shorts, and co-produced ‘The Day Player’ with Helenna Santos Levy. The animated comedy web series ‘Girl and Boy’ is currently on line at youtube, DailyMotion, and Blip.

---Levy's GMO sci-fi creature feature, ‘Specious’ is currently in development as both a feature film and a graphic novel.

---Originally based in Vancouver, BC, Mighty Pharaoh now has the advantage of a strong foot print in the Los Angeles market. The animation side of the company is handled by Tai Keattivanichvily, (Bardel, Monkey Paw Media), in Vancouver.