mediAm is a cloud-based film distribution platform designed to help build a modern, autonomous and profitable motion picture industry in Canada — and to assist other countries and regions do the same.

Headquartered in Vancouver, mediAm has been financed and built by film production professionals who believe that as conventional models of content distribution continue to transform and erode, the creation of a simple, intuitive, and fully monetized digital distribution network will be integral to their long-term livelihood.

Corporate Philosophy

mediAm is a privately held company with the clear mandate to promote film production through democratized distribution. mediAm’s corporate structure is guided by the principles of social entrepreneurship: our company is designed to make a profit — but not a huge one. The majority of mediAm’s profits will be reinvested into film production.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to foster the growth of all types of media production by engaging audiences in a new form of distribution — one that enables viewers to find, watch, promote — and through direct payment — help fund the content they value most.

mediAm Features

mediAm is nonexclusive, content neutral and promotes regional content as an initial default. We recognize that the viewer—creator/provider relationship is an inextricably symbiotic relationship. To facilitate this mediAm has developed powerful tools to meaningfully match viewers with creators/providers.

To this end mediAm offers:

Audiences a wider range of motion picture content — Entertainment, Documentary, Educational and Performance — each category with its own comprehensive list of sub-genres, accompanied by powerful “deep search” tools to locate salient interests across all categories. Moreover, viewers are offered meaningful engagement whereby one can make compilations, recommendations, and community building.

Providers with distinctive features that foster content promotion globally both on and off-site — including recommendation lists, subject-based compilations and a brandable library kiosk option for established distributors. Of course, mediAm also provides full geo-blocking capability. Furthermore, our pricing structure means that you will never be subsidizing others: on mediAm everyone pays their own way based solely on the services and bandwidth used.

Quick Facts

Founded: 2009

Founder: Douglas Hardwick


North Shore Studios
555 Brooksbank Avenue 
British Columbia 
V7J 3S5